Invest shares in a boat and reduce your ownership cost by up to 70% !


Tired of the suprises of full ownership ? Nothing much to optimize, paying everything full price, and spending so much time on logistic and so little on board ? We were too !


What can we do for you?

From negotiating your next boat or operating your current boat, let us worry about the logistic and get your boat ready to sail !

And when not sailing ? We will operate it for you so it will cover the cost of bringing it basically anywhere if you ever want to fly to the Caribbeans, West Indies or Polynesia, we’ll be there and ready for you!

You want a bigger boat, sail as much and spend less ? Join a pool of investors ! We’ll transparently keep track of litteraly everything about your boat, no argument, no doubts, join the simplicity of sailing for pleasure only, even if you compete!

An exclusive blockchain record keeps track of your boat in real time and you can access it anytime, anywhere ! Where is it, how many people rented it, for how much, when did you use it last time, is it correctly planned to your next destination? Answer yourself to any concern by login live to your boat account, get used to rest and enjoy!

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